Sunday, 26 July 2015

Day 7: Glittery

Hello beauties,

Today is such a lovely warm day here in Cape Town during the day, except that there's a bit of an icy feel to it!  So i really enjoy the day time!

Any way the prompt for the challenge are about Glittery.  At first i didn't know what on earth can i do with that?  I'm such a novice regarding nail art manicures!  Then the following pop right in into my head it's winter and i have Tip Top  Snow Capped Glitter and that would give the theme for the winter feeling - cold & icy! Okay so that for the glittery part, but what colour would i choose?  Ice is a solid of water and blue resembles water so i decided to use blue, but would it be light or dark blue or a combination?

Then i thought why not go with light blue, hence Cinderella on ice.

I've got the picture on my mind now it's painting time for my little icy fingers - hehe!

First I've applied a base coat and let it dry completely. Then I've applied two coats of Sinful Colors Cinderella.
 Doesn't this colour look so fantastic?  I would definitely wear this colour in the summer, i prefer to wear darker colour in the winter.

Once the colour have dried completely i applied Tip Top Snow Capped Glitter.

I must say that i really like my nanicure! I went today outside while the day was shining - yeah! I just wanted to look at my nails the whole time, since everything sparkled!  Feel like SpArKle!

Till next time,