Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Day 6: Polka Dot |#omd3nails

Good evening beauties, 

So how was your day?  Here in Cape Town is was cold and we had a bit of a drizzle today!
I'm so looking forward to the summer...

The theme for the prompt are Polka dots, That was another challenge for me, easy if you've got the right equipment, but with my freehand skills!?  Anyway i was actually surprized that it was actually not so bad after all!  If i have to say so myself. 

I think it went pretty well for a first timer.  My inspiration for this idea was a dice. 


I wanted to do something different than what everybody would do for the prompt, but yet something that i will be able to achieve with my limited skills at i have at present time. 

First I've applied one coat of Tip Top Base Coat. You will probably have noticed that this bottle have been used many times. I really prefer this one, since it improved the strength of my nails.  It's just a pity that they have closed down last year. 

Photo take without flash to obtain
 the true colour of the polish 

Once my base coat have dried completely i decided to make use of the love colour from my Sinful Color collection called Let's Talk.  I must say the colour really looks really stunning in the natural sunlight.  It has an blue side to it and a shimmer to it. 

I have decided to use this stunning colour called Gold Digger from Tip Top. I'm really glad that I've won this colour from Tip Top last year - whoop whoop! 

Now since i'm a complete novice regarding nail art and have no tools what so ever to make dots, i must use things that are in my possession.  

As you can see in the picture i used a normal pencil and stick the needle pin to the easer.  Then i simple dip the 'pin' into the nail polish. 

For the base coat this time i wanted to give it a matte look. 

I like the effect for this matt polish on my nails. 

For those that still want to join the competition or want to know what all the prompts are: