Tuesday, 21 July 2015

DAY 4 : Black & Gold | #omd3nails

Good morning beauties,

So how was yesterday? No one likes a Monday right...well was looking towards supper time! I made supper last night and was so  looking forward to homemade potatoes & chicken in the electrical frying pan - it was delicious, especially in winter time you are looking forward to something that are warm!  enough about food.

I know that this post are so late, but I've only recently decided to take part in this nail art competition and luckily they aren't too strict when you post you manicures - what a relief!

The theme are Black & Gold. At first i thought how on earth can i do this prompt, since i don't even own a black polish!  Then i remembered that I've bought the one of Tip Top Sparkle Queen.  This is a polish which are a black crelly with different sized silver holographic glitter. Gold wasn't a problem to me, since I received a Tip Top Gold Digger in a competition - yeah!

What do you think about this manicure?  My mother walked in while i was busy painting my nails and she liked it!  Coming from someone who doesn't even wear nail polish at all.  The only polish she would wear are clear polish and if i try my luck she would allow me to paint her nails with Tip Top Melting Marsmellows. So this means kinda alot to me.  I hope that other would also feel that way.

I started to paint my nails with Tip Top Base Colour to protect my nails and to strengthen my nails, since i found that they are a bit fragile. Afterwards i painted my nails gold with Tip Top Gold Digger #971  except the ring fingers, since they would be painted with Tip Top Cream Puff as a base for Tip Top Sparkle Queen #1034.  Once my fingers were dry i painted them with RIMMEL Topcoat.


  1. Ooh I likey! I like the tip top sparkly one. Havent tried tip top yet!

    1. Then you should make that an ASAP stop at your nearest Clicks stores, since they bought the last stock from Tip Top. They have closed down last year, but Clicks will keep they stock that they still have. Hope you can still find some beautiful colours that you would like.