Monday, 20 July 2015

DAY 18: LOVE | #omd3nails

Good morning beauties!

Today it's back to reality for all the students and i guess that a few parents would be relieved!  I guess you could say that we had lovely weekend, since we didn't had any rain except on the Friday otherwise it were just cold!

So of to today's prompt:♥ LOVE ♥  This one makes me think of the song that I've heard recently on the radio : "koue voete maak warm liefde" i'm not so sure about that statement, because hell if you are going to touch me and you are cold i will chase your hand away, especially in Winter!!

I've decided to use the colours red & white for the theme.

I've used TIP TOP Cream Puff # 901 for my base colour. Painted three layers to give it the perfect background for my manicure.

Once my base colour have dried i used TIP TOP Cherry's In The Snow #909 to make the love hearts on my nails.

To finish of my manicure i painted my nails with RIMMEL LONDON PRO Super Wear Ultra Shine Topcoat. I just love this Topcoat of them it's to easy to apply and the brush are stunning!  It's a maxi brush.  I wish all the nail polished could use this brush!

So here you are my attempt for the prompt of LOVE.

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