Monday, 13 July 2015

Day 12| Watermelon |#omd3nails

Good morning beauties,

Jip, I've written another blog today! While everyone was still in dreamland i was doing my nails in the early hours while it was freezing cold!  At this moment I've noticed that the sun are shining - yeah!

My entry for today is a nail challenge competition that i want to try to complete as much of the entries as i can.  I will try my utmost best, since i'm a total novice regarding nail art, i were just basically starting to create a perfect plain manicure and I've decided to give a shot a nail art - yikes!

Today's prompt are: watermelons and i started to think what am i going to do for this challenge! It's not an easy task task to do if you don't have all the tools that would make the task at hand so much easier.  I had to do everything free hand. So this is what my nails are for this theme.

I started with TIP TOP Base Coat # 939 one coats and once that was dry i painted my nails with TIP TOP Cherry's in the Snow # 909 - two coats.  I just love that colour! ☺ Perfect colour for the winter - for me anyways.  I had to wait a little while for this to settle so that i can give a stroke of TIP TOP Cream Puff # 901.  After this i used Sinful Colours Happy Ending # 946 this is such a lovely green colour! 

Then the most difficult part started for me, since i had no dotting tools so i made used of a toothpick to make the little seeds of the watermelon. This didn't actually came out how i wanted the seeds to look, but i don't think it's too bad for a first time!  For this i used Tip Top Nuts About You #1023 in my previous post I've included a swatch of Nuts About You and to finish it off i paint my painted my nails with RIMMEL Pro Super Wear Ultra Shine Top Coat. O just love their Top Coat it gives a wonderful shine and you manicure last up to 10 days!! Whoop whoop! 

Here you can see my lovely bottles of polishes that I've used for the challenge. 
1) TIP TOP Strengh & Vitality Base Coat
2) TIP TOP Cherry's in the Snow # 909
3) SINFUL COLOURS # Happy Ending # 946
4) TIP TOP Cream Puff # 901
5) TIP TOP Nuts About You # 1032
6) RIMMEL PRo Super Wear Ultra Shine Topcoat 
7) Toothpick 

Feel free to take part in this competition.  Here are the prompts for the daily challenges:



  1. they're so cute! And I loved that you changed the usual placement and went for a side slice! You'll see how you'll get fabulous at this in no time! When I look back at my first nail art, I hide my face, blushing! I think it really matter to progress in the direction you feel comfortable with. It's ok to want to outdo yourself, but you have to feel comfortable to keep the fun alive <3 I suck I stamping so I don't even touch my stamper ;-) so if freehand makes you comfortable, go at it! <3

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Cecilia. Much appreciated.