Saturday, 21 February 2015

Tiny Bubbles....

Hi guys!
I hope that you'll have a wonderful week ahead...

My first entry will be about a product that has totally blown me away - in a very good way!! ☺
Some time ago I've had the opportunity to received a manicure done from Sorbet !  It was a fun and relaxing experience for me, especially my friends could enjoyed the day with me!!

The girls from sorbet has done a really super job that day!  Just look at our nails!  The product that they have used on our nails are from Incoco.  Feel free to visit their page and to see the different shades that they have to offer!

Perfect manicure

I'm not sure how many of you had the opportunity to wear a manicure that are made from a self-stick 100% Nail Polish Strips, but it's really fantastic and as a extra point it dries very fast.  You don't need to worry about the fact that it's going to get smudged. The color manicure that i've chosen were called the BALLERINA PRINCESS.

Yip that's my hands showing off my perfectly manicured nails
On this day we've received chocolate's from Aero :-D

I mean who on earth doesn't like chocolates!? We've  received one from each flavour - yummy! Just to think back to that exact moment, makes me feel like floating on a bubble - it's so divine!

Secondly we had another opportunity to feel even more bubbles.  Bubbles in a glass!  Yes, that's right - in a glass! ☺
Red & White Champagne 
Red & White Grape Juice

And to end the day off we've received a Goodie bag from Sorbet.  In the bag we've received three wonderful products to make bath time a moment to treasure and sleeping time extra special...


Personally i really enjoyed these products from Sorbet.  The Body Scrub really makes my skin feel revitalized, The Rose Petal Soak let's you unwind and all the stress from the day disappear's!
I must confess it smells wonderful and surely i feel like i want to go drift away to wonderland...

Take care!!


  1. Hi Leanie. Like your new blog. Will definitely read it to get some hints and tips from you. Love the lilac nail polish. And who can live without chocolate?? :)

    You can read my 2 blogs for my most inner thoughts on life and experiences or for more journal like entries on what's happening in my life.

    I look forward to your new entry.

  2. Hello Yolandi, thank you very much for reading my first blog entry on this platform! Yes, you definitely right who can't live without chocolate... wish i had a slab at this very moment! :-)

    Yes, i would definitely post again, just watch the space it would be beauty related! ☺