Monday, 23 February 2015


Good day,

I want to share the following with you.  In 2010 when i started to work i discovered a nail polish brand that i immediately fall in-love with!  It was a polish that were reasonably prized, the colours are great and it's long lasting!  Everything a teacher could dream off, since you fingers do a lot of work every day.

I won't keep you in much more suspense!   It's called  TipTop.  To tell the truth i wasn't actually looking for a new brand i was actually looking for one specific colour that i wore way back when i was still in primary school, but i guess like with everything else in life nothing stays forever!

Even if you liked it very much, but i will tell you this - i wasn't upset that this brand caught my eye that day in Clicks, since i'm still hooked on them 5 years down the road.

I think that every girl wants to have fabulous nails everyday and what other brand of polish can do that with a product that's long lasting and reasonably prized?

Keep a watch out for my next entry...

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