Friday, 27 February 2015

Falling inlove

Good Morning!

At this very moment while you've just read my entry title for this might start to wonder what are this post going to be about with a title like that, especially that we are still in the month of

Firstly i will tell you yes i'm going to talk about love, but not what you might think! ☺This post are going to be about to love  ourselves.  The world out there are so crazy about that you must have someone special or the other half in your life! Those that does have someone; good for you, but that doesn't mean that WE should feel any different.  LOVE actually starts with ourselves....

HOW? You might start to wonder!  It clear as daylight!! You've got to take good care of yourself and we are going to talk about nails

 I personally feel that we should take care of our nails & hands, since they take care of us. Huh?  Yes, just take a couple of seconds to think about it!  I mean we use our hands to help us get dressed for the day, to pick things up, to hold a mug to have our daily 'fix' like some of my Coffee friends or those that like to drink tea instead!  I could simply go on about the important of our hands, but ONE last this thing that i would state are we cannot do the things so easy without them!

So how do we take care of those little wonder workers that we neglect and to make them feel special!?  Be honest when was the last time that you took  some cream and moisturize your hands!?

I will be honest it was last week!!  And another week are almost over and i can feel that my skin are in dire need for some TLC time. I will definitely take time this coming weekend by doing the following.  Firstly i will use a nail file and file my nails down correctly so that all my nails are even. ☺ I only use those little nail files that are made from card board.

You might wonder why i only use that and not the metal types? Simply because metal nail files are not good for natural nails, but are good for acrylic nails.

That's why i only use these emery board nail files, the only down side to it is that they don't last as long, since they wore down. :-(

After that i will use a good nail cream. Rub it deeply into my hands so that they will feel the attention and ♥ love ♥  they deserve! ☺

Then i will push my cuticles back.  Take the time to do this gently, you don't want to damage your skin!

Last but not least i will have to decide what colour i want to paint my nails...decisions, decisions!

Yes, i do feel in-love, but in-love with my hands ;-)

Take care of those hands you only have one pair...


  1. You should try to get a glass nail file. They work very well.

    1. I know about the glass nail files and they are the best to work with, just not so easily to find them in stores and they are quite expensive. Yes, i will definitely keep an eye out for that!

    2. You might want to google Design Glassware by Mont Bleu (not a typo, they spell it like that). The best glass files as far as I'm concerned and they are very reasonably priced as are the shipping costs :)

    3. Thank you for the information. I've googled it and their nail files looks fabulous.
      I've changed to a glass file recently. ☺